We Thank You ...

   We say thank you to our service members and first responders. 
There are people who put their lives in harm's way every day.

It is not something they do, it is something they are.

You are our ... Lifeline..........  
Please add your service information to our list.  
It is our honor that we thank
everyone for their public service!

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  Thank You For Your Service To Our Country  

Proudly served--Thanks for your Service

US Army 69-71

Vietnam 69-70, M60 & 50Cal machine gunner, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, C Troop

Combat wounded 1970- Purple Heart- Combat Infantry Badge. Also heavily exposed to Agent Orange in III Corps. Loss of right leg + various shrapnel wounds.

13 months at Army hospital in Denver.

Chris Johnson
Thanks to all who serve...

Branch: US Army

1969 -1972

Served in Viet Nam

Larry McIntyre
Thankful for opportunity to serve in the Navy

Branch: US Navy
Attended US Navy OCS in Newport, RI
Service: 10 years active duty
Service: 12 in Naval Reserve 2 years on USS TC Hart
Cicil Engineer Corps in 1977
Deployed: NMBC-62,
Reservist with Seabees
Retired: Lieutenant Commander 1994

Paul Crosmer
Proud to Serve...


Branch: US Navy

Served: 20 years



Michael Blauer
Served my Country...

Branch:  US Army Corp of Engineers
Fort Lewis and Fort Belvoir,

Service: 1972-1973. 

 Rank: 2nd Lt

Gary Larson
Honored to Serve

Branch: US Army

Service: 1972, served for nearly 30 years

Commanded: Both Army and National
    Imagery and Mapping Agency units

Rank: Colonel

James Stordahl
Military Career...

Drafted April 1971 - PVT Medic

Enlisted - 10 Years

Warrant Officer- 11 Years

Commissioned Officer - 7 Years

Retired June 1999 - MAJ Physician Assistant

George Fisher
God and Country...

Branch: U.S. Army Infantry

Service 1970-1972

Vietnam 1970
Spc. 4  bronze star


Lynn Culver
USN Machinist Mate Second Class...

Branch: Navy, to see the world. Ha!
Service: Nov. 1968 till Aug 1972
Did three 9 month tours to Viet Nam.
Two on the USS Hamner DD718, and then one
Nine months on the USS Lynde McCormick DDG 8. 
Vietman Gun line.
Went to Australia,New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Tiwan, Korea, Hawaii, Midway, Samoa, plus other places I can't remember. 

James Bjornestad
Proud to Serve...

Branch:  Army Corp of Engineers

Dates:  December 1972 - August 1978

Location: Germany / Utah

Rank: Captain

Jim Quinn
Career of Service...

Rapid City
Fire Department

June 1, 1972-1999

Rank: Lt.

Lynn Culver
Service to my country...

Branch: US Navy 

Service dates:

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Larry Lee
Proud to serve...

Branch: U.S. Air Force

Service dates:
August 1971 - July 1992

Rank: Senior Master Sergeant

Jerry Thovson
Service to my country ...

Branch: U.S. Naval Reserve


Service dates:



Rack: Communications Yeoman 2nd Class

Price Shearn
Proud to serve...


2/12/1969 - 9/12/2012
43 years & 7 months

CW5  Logistics/Engineer Tech

Leon Ewert
Served our country...


3rd 187th Infantry, Camp Evans.

Afghnistan, contract, Explosives Chemist: 1991.

Burnie Fuson
Proud to be of service...


United States Air Force

Rank: MSGT

May 1969-Sept 1989

Robert Joynt
Proud to Have Served...

US Air Force

Service to Country
1968 to 1991


Ben Simpson
My Draft Lottery # was 60...

U.S. Navy Seabees CE2

 Service Dates:  Jan 1971-July 1973

 What are the odds?
I ran into Price Shearn at the EM club on Midway Island about June of 1971


Michael Best
Service to my home town...

Rapid City
Police department

30 years

Retired as Lieutenant

Jim Fields
Service to my country...

SD National Guard

March 1970-November 1994

Master Sergeant
Desert Shield/ Desert Storm


Jim Fields
Proud to have served...

Branch: US Air Force

Service dates:
February 71 - September 92.

Office of Special Investigations

Wallace Holland
Military service ...

MN National Guard
151st Field Artillery Unit

Service: 1971-1981

Served as forward observer
Ran training operation

Lincoln Duncanson

  Thank You For Having Served Your Country  

Steve R. Fieseler

d. 07/24/1977

Service Period:  02/03/1970 - 10/02/1971

Branch:  US Army
Rank: Spec 4

Ronald L. Blyler

d. 12/20/1989

Service Period:  08/02/1968 - 03/19/1971

Branch: US Marine Corps
Rank: CPL

Richard A. Ewing

d. 06/07/1992

Service Period: 12/03/1968 - 01/17/1969

Branch: US Navy
Rank: SR

On the back is the name Richard A. Jr.
Son - May 1976

Richard Warfield Buddy RedBow

d. 03/28/1993

Vietnam war

Branch: US Marine Corp
Rank: PFC

Robert L. Johnle

d. 08/06/1996

Service Record:  08/30/1971

Branch:  US Army
Rank: PVT

Patrick G. Krush

d. 03/02/1997

Service: 01/28/1969-10/07/1972

Branch: US Army
Rank: PFC

Kirk A. Bower

d. 08/04/1998

Service: 07/06/1975 - 07/05/1977

Branch: US Army

Arthur J. Herder

d. 02/27/2003

Service Period:  08/06/1969

Branch: US Navy
Rank: ASM2

William C. Stewart

d. 11/02/2003

South Dakota Army
National Guard

Served Dates:

Haig Merryman

d. 11/09/2003

Branch: US Navy
Service: 01/06/1969 - 12/27/1972

Class A Medic
Naval Hospital Corps School

William R. Hoff

d. 06/18/2004

Service Period:  02/18/1969 - 03/01/1989

Branch:  US Navy
Rank:  CPO

Diane S. Rempfer

d. 03/21/2006

Service Period: 10/13/1970 - 12/14/1970

Branch: US Army
Rank: PVT

Fred Lehmann

d. 02/03/2008

Service: 1970-1975

Branch:  US Air Force
Buried in Sioux Falls

Richard J. Radlinger

d. 08/06/2009

Service: 11/14/69 - 08/12/1971

Branch: US Army
Rank: PFC

Larry B. Taggart

d. 09/28/2009

US Army

12/15/1967 - 12/26/1969

Dennis M. Sigety

d. 09/18/2010

Served in the US Army
in Vietnam.

Buried at the DFW National Cemetery
in Dallas TX.

Lewis Harden

d. 08/10/2011

US Army Vet

US Army Reserves

Buried: West Virgina

John Seaver

d. 07/13/2012

Branch: US Army
Rank: SSG

Service dates;

Gerald Pillen

d. 11/14/2012

Branch:  US Navy

10/02/1968 - 09/29/1972

buried: Pine Lawn Cemetery

Alex Ronald Achtziger

d. 03/26/2013

Was a medic in the Army during
the Vietnam war


Lou G. Mitchell

d. 01/12/2014

Service Period: 03/06/1969 - 03/10/1972

Branch: US Navy
Rank: FN

Jon Lund

d. 12/26/2015

Grad US Naval Academy 1974

Retired from Navy 2003
Medical school while in the Navy

Buried: in Texas

Cynthia M. Lange (Ferguson)

d. 04/23/2015

Service:  1968-1972

Branch : US Air Force

Gregory D. Bennett

d. 10/22/2015

Served in the US Army as a
Communications Technician.

Randy M. McFarland

d. 12/02/2015

Service: 11/28/1969-06/09/1972

Branch: US Army
Rank: SP5

Edward A. Reber

d. 09/24/2017

Service: 04/23/1969 - 03/24/1971

Branch: US Army
Rank: SP4

Marshall R. Gross

d. 11/15/2017

Service: 03/19/1968 - 03/08/1970

Branch: US Army
Rank: SGT

Paul E. Hansen

d. 12/03/2019

Service: 1969 - 1971

Branch: U.S. Army
served in Vietnam War

Michael C. Clarke


d. 05/09/2020

Service:  05/05/1970 - 05/26/1970

Branch: US Air Force

Rank: AB

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