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This is where the BOD will post information to our class.
Class of 1968 BOD
President - Jim Quinn                                 Website - Paul Jensen
Vice President - Mike Brummer                  At Large - Gwen Menke (Rubin)
Secretary - Pat Countryman (Muldoon)      At Large - Tom Collins
Treasurer - Gary Larson                             
At Large - Vickie Berendse (Chase)
Treasurer - Colleen Marvin (Wright)           Non-Voting Member - Mary Beth Johnson (Howe)  
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Our Mission Establish a permanent, long running board charged with the responsibility of keeping the class of 1968 active. 

Date: October 2020.............. Important updates!

Just wanted to give you all an update on our "Cobblers Helping Cobblers" annual donations initiative.   At our coffee this week I gave an update to those that attended but for those that couldn't make it here is the latest:

  • We have gotten the "Custodial Account" set up and the remaining funds ($501) from our 2018 and 2019 donations transferred to the new account.
  • We have collected a total of $4834 for this year (THANK YOU fellow Cobblers).  We will present a check to deposit in our account on October 14 at 11 AM at RCCHS Activities Office.  If you can make it, please join us and help us support the initiative.
  • We have submitted our signature form with our fellow classmates (8 volunteers) that can approve expenditures from the account.  It will require 2 authorized signatures to release funds from the account.
  • We have 2 advisors from RCCHS (Jordan Bauer, Activities Director and Kaitlin Buchholz) who will identify Cobblers that may need help and submit the recommendations to our donation committee.
  • We are planning to continue this effort each year to collect donations between July and September and make our contribution to the account in October.  We will post updates as we find worthy causes and make distribution from the fund. 
  • We will take donations at any time you feel like being generous but will plan to add them to our account in October each year.  You can send your checks to Gary Larson at the address below and make the check payable to Rapid City Class of 1968:   

                    Rapid City Class of 1968

                    % Gary Larson

                    7344 Norsemen Lane

                    Rapid City, SD 57702  

     Thanks, Jim

Date: July 2020 ............. Annual Fundraising Campaign & Updates:
he BOD had an official meeting this month as part of the coffee connection.  The main topic of discussion was the Cobblers Helping Cobblers campaign.  Here is a quick summary of the discussion topics and actions: 
•    Paul Jensen and Jim Quinn met with Jordan Bauer, RCCHS Activities Director and Coy Sasse, RCAS Business Manager to discuss how best to achieve the objectives of our Cobblers Helping Cobblers campaign since we are trying to make this an annual event.  We will be setting up a Custodial Account for our donations with an RCCHS staff member and student council officer to manage the fund and help identify candidates (in need) for use of the funds.  This should help us broaden our support to other areas than just sports activities.  Our BOD will be involved in the approval of the use of the funds going forward.
•    Jordan Bauer provide a summary of how our previous donations have been used.  
Total donations (2018 & 2019): $3701
2018 Expenses:
    15 summer strength and conditioning $120 scholarships - $1800
2019 Expenses:
    10 summer strength and conditioning $120 scholarships - $1200
    40 Cobbler t-shirts (new logo) given to students for workout gear - $200
Total Expenses (2018 & 2019): $3200
     On the scholarships they had a very good mix of boys and girl students from volleyball, cross country / track, basketball, football, soccer, and wrestling.  The remaining funds will be transferred to the Custodial Account when set up.
•    The BOD voted to reimplement the separation of responsibilities as outlined in our Bylaws for receiving the donations and the disbursement of funds from the Reunion Committee bank account.  The website has been updated to show Gary Larson and his address and he will be the person to receive and deposit any future donations or event fees.  Colleen Marvin (Wright) is still the Treasurer of our bank account will be our check writer and manage the account.
•    Our donations so far this year exceed $2000 and we will be accepting donations until the end of August.  Please help us help our fellow Cobblers get equal opportunity to participate in high school activities and have a rewarding high school experience.

Date: July 2020 ............. Annual Fundraising Campaign:
     As a RCHS Class of 1968 project, we have now donated twice (2018 -  $2,336 / 2019 - $1,465) to the RCCHS Activities Office with money to go to those Cobblers who want to participate in any school activities but don’t have the money for basic items to participate.  As many of you know this has been done from direct donations, the 50-50 raffle, and the silent auction related to the 50th and 51st Mini Reunions. Since we are not planning any reunion events until our 55th we are proposing to continue our work for this worthy cause.  We will initiate requesting donations June through September each year to be presented to the RCCHS Activities Office each September.
     Mary Beth has opened another tab to our website to provide information on how to make donations and adding the names (but not the amounts) of the donors.  
     Some of our Board members are working with the RCCHS Activities and Business Office to determine the best way to identify the students that need help and to establish a simple administration and accounting procedure.
     Our goal is to not only support those Cobblers in need but to encourage other classes to start their own fund to this cause.  Please help us continue our “COBBLERS HELPING COBBLERS” cause and make the Class of 1968 the leader of support to the RCCHS Cobblers activities.

Date: December 2019............. Merry Christmas:
     We held the coffee get together December 4th at Alex Johnson Starbucks and had a fairly good turn out for the winter season.  We spent most of the time visiting and catching up on what everyone has been doing since the last meeting.
     One important reunion business item was discussed.  One of our classmates generously offered to match any donations from other classmates toward the RCCHS Student Activity fund for next year up to the amount we collected this year at our mini-reunion ($1,465).  They wish to remain anonymous but we would like to thank them and take advantage of this generous offer.  What we will plan to do next year in the July - August time frame is send out an email blast from the website requesting donations and providing instructions.  Since we are not having any organized reunion event next year we will keep all these donation separated.  We will request the match (hopefully for the full amount) from our benefactor so that we can make the presentation to the school at the start of classes and activities. This is a great way to make a bigger effort to support students in need.  Anyone that would like to make a similar offer we will gladly include you in the matching effort!! 
     Class of 1968 supporting "Cobblers in Need."

Thanks, Jim Q

Date: October 2019............. 51st MINI-REUNION review:
     Thanks to all of you who made it to our 51st mini-reunion and we hope you had a chance to catch up with old friends.  A few of our classmates enjoyed crashing the class of 1969’s 50th Reunion right next door!  We had a total of 53 classmates and guests attend ($10 each.. $550). We had more food than we could eat but couldn’t take any home because of hotel rules … bummer!  We were able to collect $1,465 for the RCCHS Student Activities with the 50/50 raffle and Silent Auction items.  Several BOD members met on October 9 and presented a check to the RCCH Activities office for support of students who want to participate in school activities but need some financial help.
     We  decided that we would not have a 52nd mini-reunion and try and instead create opportunities for classmates to meet up at local events in the area. We want to encourage our classmates to visit our website ( and connect with friends.  We would love to hear from you and we will see what we can do to get more classmates involved!

Thanks, Jim Q

Date: August 2019............. 51st MINI-REUNION registration:
     We held our Class Coffee/51st Mini Reunion planning get together on August 7th and had a good core group turn out … and a couple new faces (Nancy Hemming (Grass) and  Jerry Thovson). 
     Everything is set for our 51st Mini Reunion (1 night Meet/Greet) and all we need NOW is for you to click on the 2019 MINI-REUNION tab on the left of the screen where you can get all the information on the plans, location, and activities. Then look for the big blue REGISTER NOW button and simple click on it. Then verify that all your information is correct and tell us on the Continue page how many will be attending.  Easy Peasy! 
     If all else fails you can use the Contact Us tab on the left column on the website, or send Mary Beth ( or Colleen Marvin (Wright)  ( an email with your name and number attending and we will get you signed up.  Everyone will pay at the door and it is only $10 a person.  So stop whatever you had planned for the next 3 minutes and get signed up for our 51st Mini-Reunion NOW!!
     Also, make sure you call all your classmate friends and tell them to sign up.  It is going to be great catching up with all of you.

Thanks, Jim Q

Date: May 2019 ........... 51st MINI-REUNION COMMITTEE:
     We had a small but hardy turnout for our May Coffee / 51st Mini Reunion planning meeting.   I think the 6” of May snow might have had something to do with it.  We did get one of the AZ snow birds that came back early but was planning to leave again after the meeting to somewhere without snow.
We reviewed the detailed plan for the 51st Mini Reunion that Mary Beth provided us and all agreed, as usual, she had it all pretty well covered.  We spent some time going over the hors d’ouerves and will have a good assortment for all to enjoy.  We will start registration (RSVP’s) in July to allow us to make pictured name tags and get a count on attendees but will only be taking payment ($10/person) at the door.  As a reminder, the date is September 14, 2019 and we will be at the Ramkota again but in the Convention Center II, Sheridan Rooms (next door to the Class of 69 Reunion Banquet).  We will have a Silent Auction and 50/50 raffle again and all proceeds will go to the Rapid City Central Activities office for students that need a little support for extra curricular activities.  If you have any auction items you would like to donate or have contact with businesses that may contribute auction items please let Alan Dubbelde know.  He has volunteered to help coordinate this worthwhile activity for us.
Also, check out the "RC/BH Activities" tab on our website for the RCHS Class of 68 Summer Nights get together at Thirsty’s on 819 Main Street.  The first event will be May 30 and Randy Kanago has volunteer to host this first event so please plan to stop by between 4:30pm and 5:30 pm and grab a bite to eat. At 5:30 PM and we will  head down to Summer Nights to enjoy the music.  BTW: Randy may be having a birthday about that time!!

Date: April 2019 ...........51st  REUNION COMMITTEE:
     Our monthly coffee get together has now become the planning committee for our next "51st Mini-Reunion".  We had a good group turn out at Starbucks at the Alex Johnson on Wednesday even though many of our "snow birds" are still waiting for the snow to melt before they fly north again.  Mary Beth was there so the real planning could start.  She has put together the first draft the plans that we discussed in between sips of coffee and numerous detours into what everyone has been doing and what they have planned for the rest of the summer.  We encourage all of you to plan to come to the next one because we have lots of fun and do actually get some progress on our next event.  We are doing a 1-day event as an experiment to try and get some more of our local classmates out to join us and anyone else that would like to come.  The Class of 1969 will be having their 50th reunion the same day in the other half of the Convention Center room at the Ramkota Hotel so we can sneak over and show them how to have fun.  So here's what we have planned:

2019... “51st MINI-REUNION” Event Planning
Date:    Saturday, September 14, 2019       
Time:    Registration / Cash Bar opens at 5 PM
             Talking / Drinking / Food / Dancing until Midnight
Where: Best Western Ramkota Inn
             In Convention Center II (North side), Sheridan rooms (3 sections)
             Special motel room rate for 1968 classmates:  $104.00 a night
Cost:    $10/person cash paid at registration table outside the door
             RSVP on the website or call Colleen so we can have photo nametags ready,
                  and can plan for the amount of food needed for the event.

Food:    Appetizers only put out at 6 pm and again at 7 pm
             50/50 Raffle / Silent Auction for RCCHS Student Activities Support
             Music from our era / Dance floor / Memorial Table

Date: December 2018...........MERRY CHRISTMAS:
     We had our monthly get together of local classmate on Dec 5 at the Alex Johnson Starbucks to catch-up with each other, drink some coffee, and spend a little time talking about the plans for next years mini reunion.  There was more talking and drinking than reunion plan discussions but we did confirm that we are still looking at September 14, 2019 as the target date for the one day event and it just happens to be on the same night as the class of 1969 is planning a reunion event.  We also confirmed that the 2 potential venues (Ramkota and Rushmore) are still available to us for that night.  We are going to get started in earnest on the event planning after the new year so stay tuned.

     Our next get together is scheduled to be  January 2, 2019 at the Alex Johnson Starbucks.  Hope to see you there. Lastly we want to wish all of our fellow classmates and their families a happy and joyous holiday season!

Date:  October 2018...........BOD UPDATE:   
     The BOD held a meeting on October 1, 2018 to capture comments and recommendations on the 50 year reunion results and start planning for future events.  Those present were: Jim Quinn, Mike Brummer, Paul Jensen, Colleen Marvin, Vicki Berendse, Pat Muldoon and absent were: Gary Larson, Tom Collins

    The BOD discussed what went well and what we could have done better at our 50th reunion.  Everyone agreed that our 50th was very successful from comments they have heard.  There were a few negative remarks on specific items from the classmates, however nothing major.  Jim Quinn has requested comments from all the reunion committee members by email and will consolidate them along with the BOD’s in a report that can be used in planning any future events.
     The main focus of the meeting was to discuss what our next reunion event should be.  It was decided that we would try a 1 day event next year (2019) and see if we can get more local participation, but it will be open to all classmates.  The target date for the event is September 14th, 2019 from 6 – 9 PM.  The Rushmore or The Ramkota were suggested locations and both will checked for availability on the target date.  Some of the funds collected from the 50th will be used to subsidize the cost for the 1 day event.  We will form a reunion committee and keep you informed as planning progresses.
     We also agreed to start planning a 3 day - 55 year reunion event targeted for September 14-16, 2023.  Mark your calendars for both events.  If you would like to help on the reunion committee(s) let us know.
     Colleen and Vicki volunteer to help start the monthly coffees get together with the first one planned for November 7, 2018 (10 am, first Wednesday of each month) at Dunn Bros.  Come have a cupa and share your thoughts on how to save the world or what you have been up to since our 50th reunion.  
     Mary Beth will keep you all updated on our progress and plans on our website.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions please send us an email or post them on our website.

Date:  August 22, 2018...........REUNION COMMITTEE UPDATE:
       We held our reunion meeting this month on August 22 because of all our committee members that are involved in the Sturgis Rally or would be enjoying the activities.  The details are coming together for the main events and daily activities.  Check the website Event/Reunion Payment for all the times and locations.   I’ll only touch on the things that are new or changed from previous posts.
Thursday:   Signed the contract for the movie and use of the Elks theater.  Arrangements for pizzas from Lintz Brother’s are in place. 
Friday: Meet and Greet is all set for the Rushmore Hotel.  We are considering running a 50/50 raffle during the Meet and Greet and the Banquet and looking for volunteers to run them.
Saturday:  We are getting good response on silent auction items and memorabilia tables.  If you have something you would like to enter in the Silent Auction please contact Greg Scott to provide him the details and pictures of the item and whether you would like the proceeds to go to the Rapid City High School Student Scholarship fund or toward the Reunion Planning Fund.  We are going to have a photobooth at the banquet from the high school so you can make memories with your friends.
Sunday:  The cheerleader memorial monument for the dedication should be back from Life Song this week and Paul Jensen is working with the Principal and Life Song to get the mounting arrangements finalized.  I got a peek at the design and it will be a beautiful memory for our lost friends.  The breakfast is set at the RCHS Central cafeteria and the menu is finalized.  The Central cheerleaders will be making and serving the breakfast and proceeds will go to them for their expenses and activities.
       All we need now is for all of you that have not signed up yet to get on the website before Sept 1 and send in your RSVP and check to Colleen Wright Marvin and join us for 4 days of fun with friends.  Make sure to contact all your friend and let them know you are coming and get them all to RSVP and join the fun too.  If you happen to procrastinate beyond Sept 1 we can still get you registered but you will have to send in your registration form and check to Colleen by snail mail.
We have 223 signed up to attend last count so it is going to be GREAT!!

Date:  July 6, 2018...........REUNION COMMITTEE UPDATE: 
Your reunion committee has finalized all the event planning and has been working on the final details of the main events and daytime activities.  The "Reunion Event/Payment" tab on our website is open and sign-ups have started.  All we need now is for you to sign up and get all your friends to also sign-up so we can make this 50th class reunion a memorable event for everyone.  We have been able to provide you all 4 days of events for only $68/person thanks to the donations from many of our classmates.
Link to Online Registration/Credit Card Payment:
     Online Registration will close on August 13 and will be the last opportunity to make your payment by credit card, but you can still pay by check and mailing your registration form until September 1.  Don’t wait sign up early and reserve your place and again let all your friends know.
Link to Mail-In Registration Forn/Check Payment (Preferred)
Link to summary of Events and Daytime Activities:
     Your registration for the “4 day Event Package” automatically registers you and your spouse/guests for all Thursday to Sunday evening events and assumes you will attend all events.  For us to be able to get an accurate count on attendance at each event, we would appreciate you letting us know which of the Main Events or activities you and your spouse will not attend:

 Website Tab… Contact Us 
Use the TAB to contact the site Manager who will make the adjustments.
      We look forward to seeing everyone and getting to reconnect with classmates and sharing life experiences. 
Don’t forget to tell your friends to get registered and come have some fun!

NOTE: Our next Reunion Group meeting will be August 22, at 10 am a the rushmore Hotel.

Date:  June 6, 2018...........REUNION COMMITTEE MINUTES:   
     Online registration for our 50th reunion is now open on the website and you can pay online or send a check to Colleen.  Reserve your place now!  A check is preferred to save some processing costs. 
Mary Beth Johnson reported that 612 classmates have been found, and that 71 registration forms have been mailed to those classmates without email addresses. An example of the form was passed around.   
     Colleen Marvin reported fund balance in the checking account is $8272.65.  Mike Brummer asked that registration fees be kept separate from the checking account funds.  Gary Larson reported that donations have stopped coming in, but that he would continue to contact prospects.
      Thursday night movie and ice cream social: Gene Hensley reported the contract has not yet been signed with the Elks Theater. Lintz Pizza is set for Thursday night. Mike Brummer reported the ice cream social at Armadillos is all set.
     Saturday night Banquet: Jim Quinn reported the contract is signed.  He and Rob Mechaley will meet at the Ramkota to confirm music and DJ app requirements.  Vicki Steelman is leading the decorations planning. Gregg Scott is working on silent auction items.
     Sunday Brunch:  Jim Quinn also gave an update on the Sunday brunch. He advised the monument design is being done by Life Song. Paul Jensen requested help with catering service for the Sunday brunch.  Gary Larson volunteered to help Paul. There was discussion concerning the cost of the brunch.  Mike Brummer advised that we have allowed for it in the $68 registration fee but we need to keep the costs $6 or less.
     Alan Dubbelde reported the Saturday Rapid City High School tour is on track.  Informal discussion followed on all the day time activities and plans.
     Pat Muldoon advised the next meeting will be July 11 at 10 am at Rushmore Hotel.
Meeting adjourned.

Date:  May 9, 2018...........REUNION COMMITTEE MINUTES:       
        Thursday Night:  The movie you have chosen is “The Thomas Crowne Affair”, and that the Elks will provide staff for the concession and to monitor access.  Mike Brummer volunteered that Armadillos will create a RCHS “Cobbler” special ice cream treat.  The entire reunion committee volunteered for the selection (tasting!) committee.

        Friday Night:  MIke Brummer volunteered to finalize details at the Rushmore Hotel with help from Randy Kanago.  The bar area will be restricted to our registered classmates from 5 - 9 pm and will open to the public with live music after 9 pm.  There was discussion regarding the limited space at the Rushmore Hotel (200 Max) for our Friday night event.  Options were discussed for inviting other classes to join us and will be finalized before registration.  The photo booth and display tables will only be at the banquet.
Banquet:  Jim Quinn advised that the contract is signed for the banquet on Saturday evening at the Ramkota and there is room for 500.  The entree choices will be stir fry, beef tips, and salmon.  The buffet will include salads, side dishes, and dessert.  The plan is to have “Awards” for various categories including traveling the farthest, number of grandkids/great grandkids, etc.  Greg Scott will organize tables for memorabilia, art, hobbies, crafts, and silent auction items.  Rob Mechaley will have a phone app with “our” music that you will be able to be the DJ and help select the playlist.Mary Beth advised she will put up a blog for banquet ideas, suggestions, etc.
        Sunday:  Paul Jensen was not present but has provided a report on integrating the brunch and cheerleader memorial dedication on Sunday morning.  The cheerleader memorial dedication will be at Central High School and he has gotten approval to have a catered breakfast for us in the school cafeteria before the dedication.  The classmates generous memorial donations will be used to have Life Song make a large black granite plaque with a photo laser etching that will be displayed at Rapid City Central High School Activities entrance.  Paul Jensen will finalize the details for the Reunion Committee to incorporate this special event to reunion plans.
        Donations:  Gary Larson reported total donations were currently $13,000 plus.  Jim Quinn added that several of the donations are restricted for payment of the memorial plaque ($3500) and the website maintenance for 10 years ($3500) and are being managed from the website account.  Colleen Marvin reported the reunion checking account balance is $7252.
Budget:  MIke Brummer went over a report detailing the current cost estimates and planned use of donations for the 3 main events (Sunday pending).  Based on current plans, cost per person for three nights is $74.64.  To keep the registration fee at $68.00 per person donations will be used to cover the fixed costs and deficit.  There are enough donations to cover the registration deficit assuming up to 400 guests and have some carry over for future reunions.  Additional donations are needed and will be used to upgrade the reunion events, offset deficit between registration fee and final event costs.
        Registration: Mary Beth discussed plans for website registration.  Online registration cutoff will be August 13.  Offline registrations for Thursday Only will be accepted until September 1 by contacting Colleen Marvin by phone.  Mary Beth asked all the Activity Leaders to make corrections to the registration webpages for their event and return it to her.  
        Other Activities:  Price Shearn will be the Activity Leader for the adventure run early Friday morning. There will be prizes for the Adventure Run and the Poker run.  Vickie Berendse advised cut off for the bike ride will need to be August 13 to have bike rentals available.  

Date:  April 4, 2018....... REUNION COMMITTEE MINUTES:
       Donations:  Gary Larson gave a progress report on calls to classmates for donations. He advised he had been getting mostly positive responses to the phone calls.  Gene Hensley asked what the donation goal was, and was advised it would depend number of attendees, final decision on registration fee, and what events are included in the fee.
     Registration: Mary Beth advised registration is planned to begin in June.
     Thursday night:  Movie will be announced at our meeting in May.  We need classmates to vote!!
     Friday night: Meet and Greet: Space may be a concern if we have more than 200 guests. Greg Scott advised he will get a list together of auction items so we can determine how much space is needed for display, for the registration table(s) and the possibility of a photo booth. The standing room capacity for the 2 bar areas is 200 maximum. 
     Saturday night banquet:  Rob Mechaley is organizing music and will follow up on the equipment requirements and will bring the playlist selections to listen to at the next meeting.  The food choices voted on for the buffet were beef tips, vegetarian stir-fry, and salmon.  The buffet includes two salads and dessert. Jim Quinn advised that he was signing the contract at the Ramkota today.  The banquet room will be available at noon on Saturday to begin decorating.
     Sunday Brunch:  We are still considering options that are still open and we will decide at our next meeting.  Discussion followed regarding times for the dedication of the cheerleader memorial plaque Sunday rather than Saturday. The decision on the Sunday Brunch and dedication were tabled until the next meeting to get more details on dedication plans and options.
     Payments:  Jim suggested keeping the donations by check as they have been and using ClassQuest for registration. All were in agreement.
     Activities: The daytime activities and current plan were discussed next.  There is no confirmation yet if there is a Cobbler home football game. All activities will have the final review as to how it will appear on the website before it is open for registration in June. Those who do not have email/internet will be mailed a copy of the registration form to fill out and return. There was discussion concerning including classmates from our era to join us for at least one event. Vickie Berendse made a motion to include other classes for the Friday night meet and greet, it was seconded, and carried.
     Cost: Jim Quinn brought up the issue of how to charge for the planned events and whether it would be better to charge for each event separately or make it all-inclusive. The per-person costs to cover each main event were discussed as follows: Thursday night $15, Friday night $15, Saturday night $45. It was decided to further investigate the implications and make the decision at the next meeting.

Date:  March 7, 2018…… REUNION COMMITTEE MINUTES:  Mary Beth Johnson (Howe) has prepared a reunion brochure and a example name tag to be include in the registration packet. Paul Jensen advised that the donations were still coming in but not all areas have been covered.
   Mary Beth (filling in for Gene Hensley) advised there are seven movies from which to choose for Thursday night.  Classmates need to logon to the website and vote on which movie they want to see.
    Pat Muldoon (Countryman) provided information on the Friday night “meet and “greet” at the Rushmore including the choices for hors d’oeuvres, the bar will be open for our class from 5 to 9 PM and will open to the public with a band at 9 PM.  A registration table will be available before hand for those that did not attend the Thursday event.
    The Saturday night banquet at the Ramkota and buffet food choices were discussed.  Questions were raised on options for vegetarian and gluten free that will be further investigated.
Location options are being considered for the Sunday brunch either at the Rushmore Hotel or Ramkota Minervas Restaurant. Discussions will continue to find the best option for our reunion.
     Mary Beth presented the activity report with a printout of proposed activities.  Vickie Berendse (Chase) volunteered to be the leader for the bike ride and will obtain information on bike rentals.  There was discussion regarding having the bike ride and “M” Hill and flat path along Rapid Creek hike/stroll (handicap accessible) back to back on Saturday allowing all to participate in either/both.  Discussion followed concerning all the activity options, and it was decided the options would be finalized at the April meeting when more members are in attendance.  The group liked the idea of a group photo on Saturday in the upstairs gym of the old RCHS building. Alan Dubbelde, will check with the school to see if this is possible and for a professional photographer to bring special studio lighting.
     Paul advised nothing was settled on the Spirit of Six plaque and dedication.  He will continue working on pricing, timing, etc.  Discussion followed on the RCHS tour, dedication of the plaque, and possibly moving the dedication to Sunday with a short tour of Central High prior to brunch.  In addition, there was discussion of having a photo of all the classmates together on Sunday at the new high school.

Date:  February 7, 2018 …..REUNION COMMITTEE MINUTES, all the snow birds flew south for our February meeting but a good core group showed up and we had a couple new faces.  We made good progress on several of the main event details and have identified teams / individuals to work on the many reunion ideas that have been submitted by classmates.  Check out the 1968 Reunion Plans tab for an update on all the events and ideas we are working on to make the 50th Great!   
       Not all the plans are finalized but we went through the planned main events and confirmed times and specific activities for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.  Jim Quinn went through the budget estimate that Mike Brummer prepared for our previous meeting and identified where final cost estimates are still pending.  There is currently a short fall for our budget for the reunion based on the planned reunion registration fee, current donations, website allotment, and the estimated costs.  The committee is optimistic that more donations will be made to allow us to cover the short fall and allow us to make the reunion a first class event.
       Rob Mechaley is in charge of entertainment for the banquet and discussed options for background music with a selection of music from late 60’s and early 70’s or a live band.  We agreed to focus on the background music that will bring back memories from those high school days and allow classmates to talk with each. 
       Greg Scott will be organizing tables for the banquet event that will include mementos / photos from our class, classmate’s arts and crafts, silent auction items to be sold to support the reunion activities.  Contact Greg if you have something you would like to display or sell!
       Gene Hensley reported that for the movie night he has a suggested list of 7 movies from our era and will confirm with the Elks any issues on availability of any of them.  We will post them on the website in the near future for classmates to vote on which movie will be shown.
        Jim Quinn reviewed information and costs for capturing photos at all the events, that included professional photographer, portrait setup at banquet only, photobooth (various options), and individuals taking pictures.  There was good discussion and consensus was to encourage everyone to take pictures and post them on the website.  Everyone plan to bring your camera / phone and take pictures!
       Paul Jensen provided information on Scott Swigert’s (Activities Coordinator, RC Central High School) plans to create a new “Spirit of Six” granite plaque to be located in the Activity Center main entrance of Central High School.  He presented the idea of having our Class sponsor / fund the plaque and make dedication of the plaque part of the Reunion activities.  Paul and Jim Quinn met with Scott Swigert after the reunion meeting to gather more information on costs and Central’s plans.
        We also reviewed all the other events we are considering based on the ideas submitted by our classmates and identified volunteers to lead planning and coordination for many of these extra events.  We would like to create activities around the main events each day to allow the classmates to have more opportunities to interact with each other and get reacquainted but we need someone to lead each event.  Check out the 1968 Reunion Plans to see what is planned and where you could help!

Date: January 2018 ...... IT IS OFFICIAL, Board of Directors for the class of 1968 has been selected and voted in.  The Board By-Laws were read and approved. The Board shall meet at least once per year and more if needed.  The annual meeting shall take place during the month of May each year.
Board Responsibilities:
     *   Support a website Team that will run and maintain the website.   
     *   Establish Future Reunions.
     *   Review/approve future events and appoint a committee chairperson.

Date:  December 2017 .... EXCITING NEWS, we had our 4th successful coffee/reunion meeting in the Rushmore Hotel dining room on December 6th.  The group discussed written proposals for setting a permanent board to stabilize the works of the great class of 1968.  The website was explained more as to why is giving us such a head start and the ability to build an incredible reunion.  They are growing number of people, each taking on individual tasks, the events and activities continue to advance growing more diverse and more interesting each meeting.

Date: November 2017 ... REUNION EVENTS have been in the planning stage with most of the big events established.  Information can be found in the section "1968 Reunion Plans."  We have added a new section tab "2018 Lodging" to help classmates decide where they would like to stay.  There is also the possibility of staying in other classmates' homes. 

Date: October 2017 ... REUNION EVENTS have been set for September 13,14,15,16, 2018 running from Thursday late afternoon through Sunday late morning. As a bonus, we are adding an extra day by having Thursday events! We have added two new tabs on our Website, 1968 Reunion Plans and Donation/Donors... check them out!

Date: September 2017 ... NOTE, Coffee Connection has changed location to The Rushmore Hotel (the old Radisson) on 8th and Main.  The time is still 9-10 am the first Wednesday of each month.  Everyone is welcome. Last month the main interest was presenting reunion ideas, and that will again probably be the main focus point.  Our 50th is a biggie! So please try and come; this is your reunion.  You can also put ideas in the "Reunion Idea" section of this web site. It was also good to see friends not seen for 10 years! 

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