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While we were at the Central with our class activities donation, we checked out the trophy case and found Mike Brummer's Team 1968 Golf Trophy!
Alejandro and Emmerich in Deadwood High School Soccer team 1967. Emmerich Mayer, the Austrian AFS Foreign Exchange Student in 1967-68, organised a team to play against Ellsworth AFB. He enlisted the talents of Alejandro Amenabar-Tirado, our RCHS AFS Student from Chile who was a good soccer player! Alec is front row 2nd left. Emmerich is back row 3rd from left.
MJ Obrentz (Forte)... I970 Black Hills Open Tennis Tournament. I spent the summer with my host family (Laurel Gundersen) and won the Singles and Doubles (with Linda Farrier) of the Black Hills Open. I still love tennis and play five times a week - but only on clay as it's more forgiving on the knees!
Jim Springer .....ALCATRAZ SWIM Inspired after meeting classmates at our 40th class reunion, I rid myself of the cheesy moustache and weight and got in the pool. A year later, my brother and I, swam an Alcatraz Sharkfest race from the east side of the Alcatraz prison to the Aquatics center just west of Pier 31. The distance is about 1.3 miles. The 62-degree water and the view of the San Francisco skyline against the southern sky on every breath are my unforgettable memories. I placed second in our age
Diana Linda Simon (Slingsby)... I love riding my adult tricycle. I loved riding my vintage Mountain Moots bicycle but had trouble with it after multiple surgeries. I heard about tricycles and thought, "I can do that" and I did.
Ned Leonard ....... My wife Deb and I are Nats fans.
Le Tour D'Art Bike Art Show at the Dahl Fine Arts Center Bicycle art by Gregg Rochester
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