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Mary Beth Johnson (Howe)... Interesting piece of information... Sheridan lake has an area of 400 acres and offers numerous recreational possibilities. It was created in 1939 as a recreational lake by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The original name of the lake was "Sheridan Lake of the Pines" submitted years ago by Grace Mickelson of Rapid City but has since been shortened to Sheridan Lake.
Scott Norman... This is a photo of the RCHS 1924 class reunion, my father, Paul Norman, is in the back row, second in from the left.
Mary Beth Howe... my best friends at my wedding reception at the country club: Georgia Kushman, Linda Slingsby, Sharyl Walla.
Ned Leonard: Plague fashion. From our "hot spot" to yours. Stay safe. Keep well. Wash your hands and don a facemark, as appropriate.
Vesta Johnson (Wells)... My first band "Choozy Music being inducted into the South Dakota Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
M.J. Forte Obrentz... Meeting up in Monaco. Jan and Jean Campbell, and M.J. Forte Obrentz
Scott Norman... Mrs. Ackerman's second grade class at Lincoln Elementary school. The year was 1958. Can you find me?
Scott Norman... The list of students in our kindergarten class.
Bob Joynt & Diane Smith Jr. Prom
Bob Joynt...
John Turner... Back in the day, Cesar's Palace in Las Vegas.
Continuing our adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 3/27/18. Elaine Beka Gozur and Barb Houk Brown.
Judy Mickelson and Marian Moe Sacramento 3-25-2018
Jan Steichen (Campbell)... I saw this online today. Somehow it just seems so appropriate for our class site!
Mike Hickey, Larry McIntyre, Tim Pavlik, and Brian Yeoman at 1964 Boy Scouts Jamboree, Valley Forge, PA
Nancy (Wilding) Prill and Mari (Richards) Davis during a brief visit in 2017
Brian Yeoman.... Highlight of professional life
Mary Buchholz, Linda Wortman, Alice Englehart, Vicki Simons, Mary Ann Kingsbury
Joanne Rozell (Holmes)... Picture taken July 1988 before the Sunday picnic during the 20th Reunion. Back Row: Shirley Anderson (Gibson), Carol Erdmann, Linda Carlson (Wortman), Judy Tod-Parrish. Front Row: Joanne Rozell (Holmes), Patty Bambeck (Ehlers0
3 old friends - er, long time friends! - catching up at dinner in California this year. Stu Calhoon, Jan Campbell Steichen, Leith Wyman
Paul Jensen and Judy Mickelson dinner NYE 2017
Friends since high school, Diana Simon (Slingsby) and Marian Moe.
Friends since 4th grade, having fun still! Elaine Gozur (Beka), Barb Brown-Thornton (Houk)
Best Friends! Georgia Kushman and Mary Beth Johnson (Howe)
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