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Jerry & Sandy Thovson: The Shambles in York, England 01/30/20.
Jerry & Sandy Thovson: Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. Toured Warwick Castle, 02/04/20.
Jerry & Sandy Thovson: Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. Toured Warwick Castle, 02/04/20.
Judy Mickelson... puffins on British Isles trip
Patrica Palmerton... Carpathian Mountains, Maramures & Suceava, in northern Romania -- 2019
Patricia Palmerton... Church of the Annunciation of the Monastery of Moldovita, Romania (painted in 1537), PRPalmerton
Scott Norman... A monument in Carassonne, France to remember those souls lost by deportation during WW2.
Scott Norman...Fireworks at the annual Bastille Day celebration in Carcassonne, France
Price Shearn... Day at Bearizona outside Williams, AZ
MJ Obrentz (Forte)... Foreign Exchange Students reunite after 52 years! Emmerich Mayer, Austrian AFS Foreign Exchange Student to Deadwood HS, and Marie-Josèphe (Forte) Obrentz, UK Foreign Exchange Student to RCHS 1967-68, meeting up in Hallstatt, Austria, close to where Emmerich lives.
Salzburg, May 2019. Mike and Rod Brady, and Marie-Josèphe (Forte) Obrentz at Mozart’s house in Salzburg.
MJ Obrentz (Forte)... Meeting Mike and Rod Brady in Austria, May 2019. Last week I caught up with our classmate, Mike Brady, and his brother Rod, in Salzburg. We enjoyed visiting Mozart’s place of birth and home, a beautiful concert at the Mirabell Palace, and some great restaurants. From Salzburg we drove to Obertraun to reconnect with Emmerich Mayer whom I had not seen for 52 years! Emmerich was the Austrian AFS Foreign Exchange Student at Deadwood High School in 1967-68 when I was at RCHS. Af
Rod Wirshing... While working at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in October 1988, I was sent Barrow Alaska to help with the rescue of 3 California Gray Whales. I flew to Barrow and then to the Arctic ice where the whales were trapped. I spent about a week there working in various capacities. Most of the time on the ice. It was 18 to 20" thick. Trough the cooperation of many organizations, individuals, and a couple of Russian Icebreakers, the two surviving whales were freed along with all of us working to save them.
Jerry & Sandy Thovson... Great time in China. Spent time on two portions of the Great Wall at Juyongguan and Mutianyu. Just beautiful!
Brian Yeoman... Remember, "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain?" Water is valuable and they try to conserve for the dry months.
Brian Yeoman ... Spain is full of more castles, and churches than one could visit in a lifetime. Interesting to me is the fact that the country has been ruled, by the Moors, the Jews, and the Christians. Might there be some lessons we might could learn from?
Brian Yeoman with a Becite Ibex. A beautiful animal hunted in a beautiful place with new wonderful Spanish amigos.
Brian Yeoman ...This is a typical rural village in Spain. Note the walled semi fortress from centuries ago still forming the town. The streets are quite narrow, cobblestone, and the little eateries are really quaint.
Brian Yeoman ... Gorge near Guadix in the South of Spain. The countryside is gorgeous. It is flush with many olive tress and almonds. I think they farm on every possible square foot of land. It is impressive.
Brian Yeoman visited these stone pens located at the site of the most famous fighting bulls in Spain. They have been here for more than 500 years.
Castelotte Spain This is the site where the Christians defeated the Moors and stopped the invasion of Europe
Brian Yeoman... Gobi Ibex. Note the expansive plain of the Gobi Desert in the background
Brian Yeoman... Yes there are mountains even in the middle of the Gobi.
Brian Yeoman...This is the interior of a GER note the elaborate painting as well as the solar panel, and the compact fluorescent. Two men can pack up a ger and begin moving in 2 1/2 hours
Brian Yeoman... This is a Ger the mongolian house. The people are nomadic herders. There are no fences, little private property and only 465 miles of highways in the country.
Brian Yeoman... Yes there are herds upon herds of camels in the desert
Brian Yeoman... Gobi Desert in Mongolia
Edward Johnson... Me and a Friend, Cape Of Good Hope
Barb Brown-Thorton (Houk) ... Sailing in British Virgin Islands( BVI), our January escape. Not able to sail this year thanks to hurricanes . I had never sailed until I met Greg five years ago, now I love it. Hoping these beautiful islands can recover and thrive once again.
Mary Tjeerdsma (Bowlby) ... Hiking trip to Italy with my husband along the Almalfi Coast - Path of the Gods Cliffside walk, Paestrum Ruins and Pompeii-Love Italy
trip to Holland 2009 Denise Oldach (Rueffert)
Gwen Menke (Rubn) - A pub in Washington DC
Qaqortoq, Greenland Jan Campbell Steichen
Michael Rueffert- Hiking the Eagles Nest Wilderness with my twin sister Denise.
Michael Rueffert- I conquered The Incline Trail near Manitou, CO.
Mike Rueffert ...Hiking the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mtn National Park with my twin sister Denise.
Yellowstone! My favorite place to hike with my daughter Erica… Mary Beth Johnson (Howe)
Hawaii 2013.....Price Shearn
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