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Here is a place where – if you have a hobby you enjoy – maybe you will find another of our classmates who is also interested in the same thing.
   Take the opportunity to share information or ideas.  

The thought here is for each of us who has some pastime that we enjoy to post a short note about that hobby so others know about it too.  Then, we can contact one another independently to follow up with more discussion.  So, post away, gang.  A picture can be included, too.  And, the point of this is that it is not just for the person making the posting. It is for someone among us that is also interested in that hobby and now knows who to contact.  
Check your typing, you cannot go back and update. Contact us and we will make the change.

My husband and I have a hobby of working with a Cnc router, which has evolved into a ‘retired’ person’s business under Wooden It Be Nice. We make and carve many wood projects. Darla Briggs Seger
Debby Mayer (Robertson)... My hobby is quilting.
Mary Tjeerdsma (bowlby)... Golfing with friends is the best! I play on a couple just for fun leagues followed by lunch and beer! Life is good!
Robert Wiedrich... We have been enjoying riding Harleys since 1976. My wife has been riding her own since 1982.
Brian Yeoman... 55 Chevy w/413ci Chrysler, 4.11 rear end on test ride Steve McKinney, Gene Hensley and my kid brother Henry
Bob Schenkein at Greeley Colorado Chamber Orchestra dress rehearsal in the fall of 2015
Rose Klix... Writing has been my passion since 5th grade. Here is a stack of the books I've written so far.
Ronda Whalen (Evans)... Jewelry making is my new hobby since retirement now that we finally finished building our house. I don't make a lot of money but meeting a lot of interesting people at different venues is fun.
Jan Steichen (Campbell) ... Anyone else share my passion for history and geography? This visit a few years ago to the Hermitage in TN wrapped up my visits to all 38 US Presidential burial sites, concluded visits to all the presidential libraries, and crossed states # 49 and 50 off my bucket list. Road trips to visit all these graves and states have encompassed more of this gorgeous geography of the US than one can describe.
MJ Obrentz (Forte) ... Painting with my granddaughter, Annabelle, France, Summer 2017
MJ Obrentz (Forte) ... Art exhibition in my village, Roquefort les Pins, May 2017
MJ Obrentz (Forte) ... Sketching and watercolour trip to Lucca, Italy in May 2017
MJ Obrentz(Forte) ... I learned to paint upon retirement and now enjoy doing abstract acrylic work. Sep 2017: exhibition in Cannes.
Diana Linda Simon (Slingsby)....My second watercolor painting show, didn't sell many but had lots of fun!
Recent painting ... Michael Brady
My favorite hobby is a combination of fun, fitness and friends. I teach line dancing at a couple of senior centers in the area. The best volunteer job ever! The Canyon Lake Senior Center in Rapid is a great place to dance! Mary Beth Johnson (Howe)
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