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Happy Halloween...
Donut Queen...

Thank you Sandra Lashley (Yeoman) for providing us with donuts again... a very sweet treat, you will spoil us!

Important missed posts...

When I miss your posting, please use the Contact Us button to let me know, please!! I missed Joe Gibson's post about the book he wrote... if interest please check out the tab, life stories for the links to his new book!

Cheerleader Plaque...

Paul took our last 18”x18” marble cheerleader plaque to our original RCHS high school and it is displayed in the cases on the first floor of the school building. We had a photograph taken of this last plaque and had it put on light weight metal, also 18”x18” so it can be easily displayed at future class reunions or special gatherings.

Fireworks Photo...

    You may order from my daughters webite... Click the Store... Click the Fine-Art Gallery... Click the photo you like, then select the type and size of print. (click the "about" button to learn more about her photography)
Mary Beth Johnson (Howe)

4th of July

 Can we get a copy of that Mt. Rushmore fireworks photo posted on this web site?

Bob Joynt
Beautiful Photo of Mt Rushmore

To Mary Beth
     Please tell your daughter Erica that her photo of the Mt Rushmore fireworks is amazing!
She is gifted! Thank you for sharing!
     Sharon (Schultz Kershaw) Coe, Oceanside, California

Sharon Coe
Spirit of Six photo...

    As long as I am showing photos.... we had one 18"x18" granite "Spirit of Six" plaque that we displayed our 51st mini-reunion. We decided to give it to our RCHS High School, but first I wanted a good photo.  Erica took the photo and is having a 16"x16" photo printed on metal made for us... it will be light weight, and easy to store and display when we want.  I also had her send me the jpeg image so I could use it to create a note card for Colleen our treasurer to use.  PS: the image is not as good on the card due to my printer, not the photographer.  Mary Beth (Howe) Johnson

     It was the last practice set to check the enlargement for the final memorial in RCCHS.  It is very close marble to the marble in the memorial so we would have a better idea of what the photo would look like on the that black Brazilian marble and they gave it to me for working with them on that memorial.  The plaque went into the permanent display case in the old part of RCHS if anyone walks by they will know where to look there on the first floor and down the hall to the right (west).  (Paul Jensen)

2020 Mt. Rushmore Fireworks...

     Most of you know my daughter Erica, she is the photographer who took our reunion photos for our website. I wanted to share with you one of the photos she took over the July holiday, which was also on the front page of the Rapid City Journal.
Mary Beth (Howe) Johnson 

Lost another teacher...


EAGAN, Minn. | Meddie L. Quaintance, 83, formerly of Rapid City, SD, passed away on June 10, 2020.

     Meddie was a teacher at Rapid City Central High School for 35 years. He enjoyed hunting and fishing with his family and friends.  He was preceded in death by his parents, Donald and Patricia. Survived by loving wife of 60 years, Juanita Quaintance; children, Kristi (Bill) Peters and Kurt (Kari) Quaintance; grandchildren, Danielle, Cole, Kati, and Ryan. 

Class Song, One More Time

It seems that the choice of the class song has provoked discussion on more than one occasion on this site.  Most contributors seem to think that school administrators turned thumbs down to Born to Be Wild and forced the theme from Exodus on us.  We actually did vote on the song following an assembly in the gym where senior members of the choir performed the nominated songs.  Karen Martin Larsen even cautioned us about the Exodus theme because of the difficult range.  

What previous contributors may be forgetting is that we were preparing for graduation just two months after the crash.  Our mood was somber; many of us were dealing for the first time with the death of a peer.  Yes, we were happy and excited to graduate, but our thoughts had turned much more existential than they had been just a few weeks earlier.  After all, three of our beloved classmates would not have the chance to find out what the future held for them.  Perhaps song lyrics that reflected optimism and hope were what we needed at that time.  

Be well, Friends.  

Carla Claybourn Prascher
Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy a Horse Memorial reconigizes long time supporter.

David was also a close family friend.

Teacher Mr. Jerry Tracy...

(Who remembers taking history class or drivers education with Mr. Tracy?)

Jerry L Tracy... obituary

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, uncle, teacher and friend was called to his heavenly home the early hours of April 22, 2020. Born in Pollock, SD on January 29, 1930 to Milton B Tracy and Vivian (Rhone) Tracy, Jerry was the 2nd of 7 children.  He graduated from Pollock High School in 1948 and worked at the local lumber yard until he was called into service with the U.S. Army, stationed in Japan, during the Korean War.

Following his service, he enrolled at Northern State Teachers College where he earned a degree in secondary education. After earning his master’s degree at Black Hills State College, he continued furthering his education due to his life-long love of learning.

While at Northern, he met the love of his life, Jolaine Ludeman. They were married on August 22, 1958.  He began a teaching career in Alberta, MN.  After 1 year he joined the faculty at Rapid City Central High School as a Driver’s Ed and History teacher.  He loved teaching and as a Driver’s Ed teacher he was able to make many one-on-one connections with students and may be responsible for teaching half of Rapid City how to drive.  His keen memory allowed him to remember many, many students and he had the opportunity to instruct generations of the same families how to drive.  In 1990, he retired from teaching at which time he began working part-time for Zandstra Construction. 

A faithful member of Trinity Lutheran Church, he appreciated the fellowship of the many members and opportunities to serve.

Jerry loved playing games, whether it was slow-pitch softball, board games, cards or cribbage but most of all, he enjoyed time spent with friends and family. As an avid reader, he was a lover of stories, especially his own, both spoken and written. Jerry had the special ability to make everyone feel important. To him they were.

He is survived by his loving wife, Jolaine , his daughter Micki (R.W.) Klein, son Kelly Tracy, son Tim (Robin) Tracy, daughter Becky (Lynn) Versteeg; Grandchildren: Tami (Travis) Kaysen, Eric Tracy, Heather (Jesse Meehl) Klein, Holly (Brett Lane) Klein; Cooper Versteeg and Carson Versteeg; Great Grandchildren:  Elliott and Jaxon Kaysen;  Brother Leland (Alyce) Tracy, Sister Jean Hanson;  In-laws:  Lynne (Howard) Goodman, Terry (Pat) Ludeman, Susan (Pat ) Hedquist as well as many nieces, nephews and extended family. 


Classmates and friends, I hope this finds you all well!  I would like to ask for your help.  I am putting together a project for making these protective masks.  We are in a pandemic and I want to help.  I know you will too!

We need masks for:

Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Assistant living, Fire fighters, EMT’s, all 1st Responders, Older people (like us?) living with family that need protection, the homeless shelters, women’s shelter and us??

Since it is not good to gather a group of people, I think we could get many in town to help sew at home.  What else do they have to do, besides spring cleaning maybe?  This will be a city wide project.

We would need a few to cut materials out for each mask, put them in separate containers to have them delivered to homes (we might be able to use my church basement/the separate classrooms so no one would be bunched up}.   Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize! 

We also would need people to pick up and deliver supplies, masks, portable sewing machines to let others use from homes, to answer emails and phone calls (from their homes), coordinator for all, to help put delivers together, to oversee a donated lunch, etc., to help getting materials and supplies from stores.

We will keep everyone at a distance, if anyone has symptoms, such as coughing, short of breath, headaches, they may not work with the group but may help at their home.

Anyone at risk that has no symptoms, may help.  Facemasks may be worn.

So far, I have contacted my church St. Therese at 532 Adams and the mayor.  I know the hospital will be able to sanitize all the masks for us and them.   I am planning on putting this on tv and in the journal and on Facebook.  Some people do not use or have computers but are willing to help.  Our goal is not to get sick and help our country in this crisis. 

Stay well and God bless!  Remember…

We are Loyal, We are Great, We’re the Class of ‘68’!

Sharon Engle Czerwonka   
H. (605)-716-2779  C. (605) 391-2684   E.

Thanks to all!God Bless! Stay well!


Sharon Engle Czerwonka
2020 Cruise from Copenhagen...

By any chance, is anyone on the 11 night Princess Cruise leaving Copenhagen on May 28th?  I am on it...maybe we can have dinner!

scott norman

When I typed the story in our Pine Needle "Christmas Spirit Prevails in High School Halls," I had to stop and think do they do any of this now?  I remember the large nativity scene on our front lawn, I do not think you would see that now! We also played music over a loud speaker outside the building, I do not think they would do that now! Do they decorate inside the buildings or the classrooms? Do the high school organizations and clubs have holiday parties or collect food to help needed families? What do they do in our high school now? 
Mary Beth Johnson (Howe)

Vyonne Glaze

Vyonne Glaze, 91, passed away peacefully on December 12, 2019 at Avantera Arrowhead in Rapid City. Vyonne Angelyn (Steever) was born on March 4th, 1928 in Lennox, SD. She moved to the Rapid City in her early 20s where she met and married Jerry Glaze on February 3, 1950. Vyonne & Jerry had five daughters, Jan Glaze, Kris (Leon) Nielsen, Karen Carnes, Sara Glaze, and Amy (Chad) Hendricks. To see full obituary go to 


1.  The webteam would like to see some FUN holiday photos posted this year!!!
2.  Just posted The Pine Needle story about our Cobbler Capers Variety talent show!  It was one of my favorite shows to see!  Does anyone remember a favorite act they want to share or a funny story? (website)

51 years

I was in RC two weeks ago for the first time in 51 years. Navigating wasn't too difficult - went to the Dinosaurs first to look over the city. Pics of the old house and the lovely parks where we once ran Cross Country. I missed the mini-reunion by a week but came early for business in Denver.

My wife grew up in a small town near here and has a strong Polish family, seeing each other every weekend. the Engelhardts moved every couple of years and, in Denver, Kurt, Kyna and Leslie and I were together for the 6th time in 30 years. I realize in the telling of that fact a sadness, especiallly now that we're 69, 67, 65 and 63. We only lived in RC for my junior and senior year. Until notification of the 50th anniversary, I hadn't heard from anyone nor had I reached out for connection.

It was hard, coming to a new culture from living in Boston, at one of the most seismic times in a person's life. I felt welcomed enough and found my niche with running, choir and the musicals - and those are good memories. The crash was my first experience with death of peers; I've told the story many times over the years.

After graduation, I worked at Rockerville Gold Town for the summer - glad to see the Meller Drammer building and sign still standing - then on to KY for college. One part of the USS to another, again. 

I just wanted to put a word in for those of us who came and went but never had roots. We are all over the country, survivors of teenage first love, growing up and beginning to see a bigger world. Appreciate the help given to me so long ago. Best wishes, Cobblers!

Steve Engelhardt

Steve Engelhardt
Coolidge building???

I just typed in the Pine Needle the story about the Coolidge building before the building was destroyed by fire and demolished in 1970.  I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about what happened to the people responsible for the fire and what happened to them.  Many in our class were away at college and never knew what happened.  Can anyone answer this for me?  I am sure others would like to know.
Mary Beth Johnson (Howe)
Website Team

New Central Logo...

RAPID CITY S.D.  (October 10, 2019) – After a lot of discussion and a vote by the staff of Central High School, the Cobblers mascot has a fresh new look.
Through research of old yearbooks, Central staff was able to determine the first reference to Central as the “Cobblers” was in 1925. Throughout this process they realized the importance of keeping the identity of the first Cobbler logo, which was a caricature of Central’s famous coach, Coach Cobb. BSN sports, who also provides the district’s uniforms and equipment, created their new logo.  “There was a lot more to this process, than I was expecting when we first started. However, it was great to see the passion and school pride from our students and staff as it unfolded. Our staff and students are very excited about this and are ready to see our updated Cobbler,” said Central Activities Director Jordan Bauer. (KOTA News)

South Dakota Public Broadcasting...

if you can get this TV station, this program I am sure will be worth watching, he was part of our 1968 class!

51st Mini-Reunion...

We have had two more call in for our 51st Mini-Reunion and we are now at 75!  I am loaded with items needed for the event... luckily, this time I can see our the back window. LOL

Activity Tickets & Pine Cone year book

I just finished typing the first Pine Needle story for September about activity tickets.  Today, that would be a real bargin at $6.00.  I wonder what it would cost NOW and what activities you could use it for.  Also, $1.50 went towards your copy of the Pine Cone.  Anybody remember what our Pine Cone year book cost back then??

Mary Beth Howe

I saw a show on PBS last week featuring the composer and conductor Robert Shaw. Then I remember (or think I do) that he was the guest conductor for All State Chorus in either 67 or 68. Then I thought about the recording made of the concert and how my copy disappeared some time back. THEN I thought of youall: do any of the RCHS group still have that recording? Would you be willing to burn me a CD of it? 

I especially remember all those voices singing 'For All the Saints', which was my first time hearing it - and I've made sure we sing it on All Saint's Sunday each year.

Of course, I also remember the vast amounts of alcohol we had squirreled away with us. How Martin Llewelyn looked Mr. Patterson square in the eye and declared: "Worst cheese burger I ever ate!" Did some of us get sent home? I know there was trouble when we got back for me, since Dad was the Director of Music in the public schools.

Anyway, if any body can help me out, pleast let me know. Thanks! 570 490 6316

Steve Engelhardt
Missing Classmate Found...

Classmate Chesterlin Smith (Fransworth) is no longer missing. I was able stop by and talk to her brother who lives in Lead, SD.  Sad to report that she passed away in 2016.  In our year books she went by the first name of Sally.

Mary Beth Howe
Mary Kellar Butz

I got word from her family tonight that our classmate Mary Kellar Butz passed away this morning, June 19 after a long illness.  She was a lovely lady and a wonderful member of the class of 1968.

Jan Campbell
Thank you!!

Al says thank you for the beautiful flowers. It brought a smile to his face. And thank you, Paul, for the personal delivery. 


Al Murchison
New School Computer...

I had a good chuckle when reading the article in the Pine Needle about the new fangled computer program being used to schedule classes for students back in 1966.  I am pretty certain that this computer is on display at the Computer History Museum here in the heart of Silicon Valley!  Who would have imagined that we each eventually would be carrying around a personal device that could handle this for the whole school system??

Jan Campbell
The Class Song

I think we should take a vote at the next reunion and change our class song to "BORN TO BE WILD"?  
We know good and well, as much as most of us loved RCHS, that none of us wanted "exodus" except the school.

 To see Video and hear Song, CLICK here!

Paul Jensen

Great picture of my buddy Curt Langager and his terrific wife Kathy, their grown kids and spouses.....Curt and Kathy live in Colorado Springs and are hoping to make it back to RC in September......sure hope they do.....

Price Shearn
Class song

sure Exodus made no sense.  Born to be wild released in 1968 and Easy Rider (one of my favorites) not released until 1969.   I don’t remember any vote on class song.  Now my cousin, a few years older then I, was responsible for the team name of Rebels when South Junior High opened.  Teachers wanted to override but didn’t happen.  Maybe by the time we came through the adults were afraid of us - we were becoming a force to reckon with - so their response was to become more.    Strict.   Similar to what happened with hallucinogens a few years later When all research was stopped by making them illegal.   maybe we didn’t care what class song was as we were already dropping out.

Class Song...

I do remember that many classmates were not thrilled with the chosen song..certainly not representative of our class or time. iInteresting it’s still a topic of discussion. 

Barb brown
Class Song...

This is what I remember about voting for our song.  Our class voted for the song "Born to be Wild" but our class advisors overruled our vote and we ended up with "Exodus". Does anyone else remember that?

Sharon Schultz Kershaw Coe
Class Song...

A few classmates have email back that we voted for this song!  I do not remember voting, maybe I was absent that day!  It is just the song... why that song?  I guess the majority wanted it.  Sorry, it would not have been my choice, but that was 50 years ago!

Mary Beth Howe
Class Song?????

Question?  At our Coffee Connection someone asked where or how did the song  “Exodus” by Ernest Gold get picked to be our class song????  If anybody knows the amswer, please post!

Mary Beth Howe
Yearbook photos

The slide show of photos from our 3 yearbooks is wonderful.  What a great addition to our website!  So fun to wander down memory lane.  All those young people 🤣

Jan Campbell
Thank you

Thank you Paul Jensen and all who contributed to the new Spirit of Six memorial.  It is beautiful!

Sharon Schultz-Kershaw
Does anyone know where John Long is?

He graduated from the Catholic High School in 68 or 69. We had some good times after high school and at South Dakota State. I would sure like t here from him and all about his life.

Vic Hager
Cathedral HS 50th Class Reunion last July 2018

Recognize anyone?.....

Price Shearn
Twirp Season...

Have you been twirped lately? Do you remember having Twirp Season in high school? 
     If you look up the definition of twirp in Webster’s Dictionary, it will say it means nerd or something close to that, maybe not as nice.  So I did find much googling just that word either, until I googled “twirp season”. Bingo…
     February 29th, which comes but once every four years, is the first day that Scottish law back in 1288 that decreed that ladies could propose marriage to the man of their choice.  If the gentleman refused, he was to bestow a gift upon the courageous bonny lass.
     Teenagers in the late 1950’s, prompted by the Archie comic book series, adhered to TWIRP (The Woman Is Requested To Pay) season. For one week, girls could ask boys out and boys were honor-bound to go.  The girls paid for everything on dates and carried the boy’s books between classes.
     I remember the comic books, and enjoyed the season of twirp!

Mary Beth Howe
Little League Picture

Vic Hager posted this pic on FB of the Optics Little League baseball team he played on in RC, and his Dad helped coach.....Can you name any of the players?.....think I recognize 4 of them.........

Price Shearn
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....

Wishing everyone a super Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.....kinda nice that our Mini-Reunion next September and the Class of 69's 50th Reunion fall on the same can actually catch 2 Reunions all in one weekend....mark me down for that......

Price Shearn
Happy Holidays... See you next year...

We are still searching for classmates and will continue to try and locate the 100 still on our missing list.  Please note, we have added 4 classmates since our reunion!  It would have been nice to have located them before the reunion, but we are just glad to have them on our website.
Website Team

Website Numbers...

I thought you might be interested in some behind the wesite numbers!
You can see the high numbers are just before and during our 50th reunion and again the first part of November when I downloaded all the reunion pictures.
ClassQuest keeps track of these HITS and VIEWS every week!


I forgot to share this with all our classamates. This letter gave me a smile when I was in extreme search mode to locate classmates. This classmate returned this letter to me along with a nice donation, but to me the note was priceless! Enjoy!
Mary Beth... Website Team

Burnie Fuson and Lin Sun

if anyone has a photo of Burnie and Lin Sun I would like a copy.  I was so involved in enjoying the gathering I forgot to take photos.  They are in my head now but I worry they won’t last long. :-)
Mary Buchholz   Email

Mary Buchholz
RCHS high school gym photo

Would someone send me a copy of our class (partial) photo in gym. It was taken toward end of tour by several people. Thank you
Mary Buchholz - email

Mary Buchholz
Thanks to all you lovely people...

Oh my Lord!!!! What a wonderful surprise. A prayer card signed by oh so many of you! I can't help think I could have made it but just couldn't chance it. So just know I went through my annual and thought of each and every one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you Mary Beth

David Smith
I will not be able to attend

Regretfully, I will also not be able to attend. My husband and I are in the middle of launching a new business and the timing just does not work. I look forward to seeing photos from the reunion.

Ardena "Dena" Tedro Warfield
my cds

I had several people ask about getting a copy of my cds.  You can visit my website at to see what is available.  If you contact me directly, I can send them to you at a lesser cost :)  My direct email is
Loved seeing you all...still not enough time to chat with everyone

Vesta Wells
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Our reunion committee must be the best around!  Thank you for the work you all did to make our 50th the best ever!  Enjoyed it so much and what fun to see old friends and make new friends!  

Mary Bowlby
Sad I could not attend

I was so sorry to miss the reunion with all of you.  Due to an injury I was unable to attend.  May we all be around for our next reunion.  God bless you all.  The Black Hills will ever be in my blood!
Love you all,

Karen Serl Winters
Steve Cragg directs season premier.

Several of you asked about Steve Cragg when we were visiting during the reunion. He couldn't be with us because he was involved in production. I don't know if it was this particular program or another, but he directed the season premier of "How To Get Away With Murder," which airs Thursday, September 27. He appears as "Stephen Cragg" in the credits.

Ned Leonard
Wonderful reunion

To the reunion committe, I really appreciated all of your hard work, excellent job of keeping everyone busy, and giving us time to reconnect. The food was wonderful. Thank you fellow classmates for spending the time and money to attend. Loved seeing you. 

Beverly Wagner
I am so glad I came!

Thank you so much Reunion Committee.  I had such a good time enjoying old friend.  i really appreciated the several social events to meet everyone and get caught up.  You all did a great job!  Thank you so much!

Carol Tyler
Once a Cobbler...

From a mist of fifty years my classmates emerged—first, with a name tag, then a spark of recognition, and finally with hugs and laughter and stories.  It was glorious.  


Thank you reunion committee for creating an event that overlooked no detail from the wonderful red record inserts at the amazing banquet to the profound soul-touching dedication.  

Mari Richards Davis
I Loved, Loved, Loved the Reunion

     Thank you for all the planning and execution of our 50-year Reunion. Fantastic job! I enjoyed every minute I could attend. The time flew by with all the activities and my family visits, etc
     I hope and pray all our classmates returned home safely. This was an opportunity of a lifetime to see as many of our classemates as were able to attend. I trolled the rooms of the events a few times looking for familiar names and faces. If I missed saying hi to anyone who knew me from school, please excuse the omission. It was an overwhelming turnout. So many classmates we didn't know until we spent some time visiting at the reunion.
    We couldn't stay on Sunday due to appointments and other commitments at home. We left abruptly after all the announcements Saturday night. I'd hoped to enjoy the music and drag my husband onto the dance floor. However, he wasn't feeling well (Good excuse!) And we needed to get on the road early on Sunday morning. I'm sorry I wasn't able to say a goodbye. He is fine and we're glad to be home in Tennessee. The predicted hurricane storm coming into our NE corner of TN doesn't look like it caused significant damage. 

Best Wishes Always, Stay Happy, and Be Healthy!
Rose Klix

Catherine Rose
Great Reunion

What a fantastic Reunion....couldn't have been any more fun .....special thanks to all who made it the resounding success it was.....wishing everyone a safe trip home and hope you have a great Fall.....if any of you are ever in the Prescott, AZ area please give a shout out......

Price Shearn
Thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who worked tirelessly to reunite us for what was a fun, emotional, occasion.  Each activity was so well planned and executed, and it was a pleasure to reconnect with former friends, and to make new ones.  i look forward to returning to Rapid City in 2023.

M.J. Obrentz
Hello from Rapid City.

My husband Roger and I will be able to attend the Thursday activities. We leave Friday morning for our youngest grandchilds second birthday.  From there we are headed for Texas for a wedding, and I get to go to Magnolia Marketplace..  excited to see all tonight. Darla BRIGGS Seger

Darla Briggs
Heartfelt thanks.

i am truly overwhelmed with emotions after a fabulous weekend celebrating our 50 years of memories. It was wonderful seeing so many friends and classmates, reconnecting and remembering our many great times.  Thank you to all who teaveled any distance to be a part of this beautiful, special time. My heart is full! 

Barb Houk
Heart felt Regrets!

   I would have loved to attend our 50th Class Reunion and see everyone, but last August Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Rockport-Fulton, Texas where I live, and caused a lot of damage to my home and property.
     In 2013 I moved to South Texas, because all 3 of our Daughters and 5 Grandchildren relocated there. What a joy and a blessing to be near them! I really love and miss the Black Hill! My health is good, and I'm doing well!
     Since my Mom, almost 96, and Sister and Husband live in the Rapid City area, I do visit as often as I can.
     Hugs to everyone! Have a wonderful and memorable time!

Gloria Heinemann Biddle
Pesky friggin heart attacks

I was so looking forward to seeing everyone! Musta been all the anticipation. You all have fun and hopefully, if a directory is turned out, I'll be able to touch base with you after getting replumbed in October 

David Smith
Cannot attend this weekend

Hello all, I was looking forward to attending this weekend, but a family medical emergency has come up. If anyone would like to keep in touch my wife's email is Have a wonderful time. Phil Mehlhaff

Phil mehlhaff
Need a ride!

     Is anyone driving to our class reunion from southern California, southern Nevada or Arizona?
     I am bringing framed tin picture of the Last Supper (First Supper of the New Covenant)   (21 1/2 long,  9 1/2 wide, 1 1/4 deep) with me to donate for the auction and did not want to take it on a plane. 
     I thought one of my daughters could drive me (I have vision challenges and can't drive myself) but they are not able to do so.
     Please let me know soon if you are driving to our reunion and I can get a ride.
     Thank you,  SharonCoe (Schultz Kershaw)


Sharon Coe
Website Table....

At the Saturday Banquet there will be a website table set up with the "Obituary Books" for classmates to look at and I will also have my lap top computer and printer!

I will scan pictures for you that you want on our website and I will even post pictures for you. All you have to do is bring them to the reunion!  How easy is that!!

So start sorting through those old high school pictures you have tucked away somewhere, and also current pictures of your family and their adventures!  See you at the Banquet!

Mary Beth Johnson (Howe)
Site Manager

Adding current photos to enhance being recognizable

     Very good suggestion and reminder to all of us attending our reunion to send current photos to be more recognizable next week .  It is also a good idea to send some updated narrative of what we have been doing through these past 50 years and where we are and what we are doing now doing!
     I am reminded of our 40year reunion in 2008 on the Friday evening mixer when Bruce Barnes looked at my RCHS Class of 1968 yearbook photo on my name tag, then looked at my “rotundity” and asked ... so, what happened to that slender Billy Stevens?  I replied ... “I ate him!”
     I will get to work on sending my current photos and narrative. 
     I am also getting my photos from our 10th, 30th 30th and 40th year reunions!  Mary Beth & Paul Jensen have been encouraging me for months to send in these past reunion photos ... including sending me a “pink flash drive“ to load these photos on on and to bring the flash drive to Rapid City next week for her to put them on our website! 
     I am bringing an unused & in excellent condition 1968 Pine Cone yearbook to donate for the silent auction with a starting bid of $25 and a minimum bid of $1 increments, with the proceeds directed to our continuing RCHS Class of 1968 continuing website support.  Others interested in making the winning bid should know that 2 of our classmates have already indicated to me their intent to submit a bid of at least $50 to win the 1968 Pinecone yearbook!
     I will also be bringing my 50 year old Red Baron wind breaker  (size Large) which I haven’t worn since our 10 year reunion in 1978 ... because it hasn’t fit!

William Robert Stevens
Attending reunion

My husband and I are looking forward to attending.

Marcia (Fish) Gluvna

I regret not being able to attend the reunion due to caregiving co-responsibilities with my wife.  God bless all of you attendees, and be safe.    Leith Wyman

Lee and Joy Wyman
A little help for old classmates !

We are now only a week away from our big gathering, which is going to be great fun for all! In order to break the ice and facilitate all the re-acquainting (just on the off chance that some of us MAY have changed a tad!), it would be nice if you could please give your old classmates some advance help in the name and face department since we are all having memory issues these days.  It would be wonderful if you would post a current photo of yourself so we know who to look for and also write a bit about yourself and your life so we have some conversation starters when we recognize you.   And let us all get re-acquainted when we come home again once more.  See you soon!

Jan Campbell
Will be there...

My wife (Lin) and I will be in Rapid city the night of the 9th staying at the Alex Hotel. Look forward to seeing everyone.

Burnie Fuson

I regret that I will not be able to attend.   I know I made a big deal of not being invited previously and my name being on the memorial board, but I have a situation preventing me from attending. 

Best Regards, and have fun.  If a video is availble for sell afterwards, I would be glad to purchase it.  

Yes, 68  years old....or young.  

brand new masters degree at 65 (second one)

CFO for a start up pharmaceutical in New Jersey 

And a God Son 3 years old who has no father, which means, I am raising another child.


Ed Johnson
I am so glad I can make it!

Just booked my flight today.  I needed to wait to see what the situation with my husband, Ken, was going to be.  He has started a series of radiation treatments and I didn't know how this would go.  We are told the radiation will kill this plasma cytoma for good and he won't have much to worry about after.  However, He won't be able to travel with me.

I look forward to re-meeting you all and I will enjoy hearing your many lifes stories.  I am sure we have all become very interesting people by now and have much to share.  

See you soon!

Carol Tyler
Enjoy yourselves!

thank you for going to such extraoridary lengths to round us all up. It was sad to see so many names/faces in the memoriam column. I was part of the class for only two years then moved away to KY (now PA) so no roots to speak of. My few connections won't be attending so I went to Puerto Rico instead, rebuilding houses for a week. My best thoughts are with all of you as you come together. I carry some special memories from the Class of 68!

Steve Engelhardt

Steve Engelhardt
Thank you for all you've done!

Unfortunately I cannot attend our 50th class reunion.  Hope to get to the 55th.

Sharon Mailloux Dyer
Custer State Park

I have a coupon for a Custer State Park sticker good for the yearly pass with a cost of $15.  The sticker has to be stuck on the window so wouldn’t work for a rental. A 1-7 day pass is $20 so save a little money. The coupon came with the yearly sticker I put on my car. If you would like the coupon let me know at I don’t have a need for a 2nd sticker and family members already have. The coupon is free to anyone interested. 

Melinda Schleve
Looking forward to attending and I do appreciate all the work that has gone into the reunion. Especially Mary Beth's efforts have gone way beyond in making this happen!

I had total disc replacement of 4 discs in my back July 13. Recovery has slowed down but I have every intention of being there. Initially I did great . There is an interview with me at I was still full of drugs! LOL Looking forward to seeing so many of you!

Michael Brady
Reunion Answer...

John, the website will be posting pictures in a photo section called “50th Reunion after our big weekend. Website Team

Mary Beth Howe
Reunion Question...

It is with deep regret that I am unable to attend the reunion due by to a financial setback. I looked forward to attending. If there are any type of recording, video or pictorial, I sure would like to purchase anything of that nature. 


John Turner
Unable to attend...

I will be unable to attend the class reunion. Great website! Enjoy all the festivities. 

JoEllen Stamper Riley
Please Read...

First, THANK YOU to all of you who have put do much time and effort into this Reunion.  Thanks also to the website manager for responding to me in such a prompt and helpful way. I know that time is running short, but if there is anyone up there who remembers me that has a room to share please contact me. Also if there is anyone in the Phoenix area who might want to talk about making a road trip out of this EVENT please contact me.   Looking forward to seeing you all.   

Sue Moyer

No, I am not going to be able to attend the reunion. ENJOY EVERYONE!

Micki Maher
Catastrophe narrowly averted.

Arlington County Circuit Court summoned me to jury duty Sept. 12! I read how it might be possible to secure deferment of my civic obligation under certain conditions. The Court’s website allowed me to pick an alternative date in October, but it would be contingent on me providing supporting documentation for the Clerk’s review.

I created a PDF of my airline confirmation, the top page of the website displaying the reunion dates, and enough of the registration list to show my name. I explained it is our 50th graduation anniversary. The default response told me to check back on Sept. 11th to learn if my deferment was granted. However, within 24 hours the Clerk wrote a personal email granting the deferment and wishing me a happy time away and us a Great Reunion! Catastrophe averted; looking forward to seeing you there, too!

Ned Leonard

Thanks a lot to Alan Dubbelde who made the translation of my message.

alejandro amenabar
Come Home Again Once More...

A year ago when we started on the Search and Research mission for our class website, many names seemed so distantly but vaguely familiar.  As our work progressed, photos appeared, and classmate news arrived, these names became acquaintances again.  New acquaintances were made and turned into friendships.  Would love to encourage you all who are undecided but thinking about it to join us as we get reacquainted and make new friends at the 50th reunion.  Come see how life has been lived by our classmates since our journey began all those years ago.  Come home again once more!

Jan Campbell
Alejando's translation...

Dear collagues of so many years ago:
Along with very sincerely congratulate to each and everyone of the organizers of this magnificent celebration event, I would like to inform you that it will be impossible for me to attend the meeting due to unpostponable reasons that overlap the date of the meeting.  In any case, I will be present with all my heart with you who made me spend a magnificent year as a scholarship in Rapid City, making me feel very comfortable among you, remembering that everyone made an effort to try to understand my English that at the beginning was quite basic (it still is).
A BIG hug to everyone and every one of you!
(Thank you to Alan Dubbelde for translating!)


Estimados compañeros de hace tanto años.

Junto con felicitar muy sinceramente a todos y cada uno de los organizadores de este magnífico evento de celebración, quiero informarles que me será imposible asistir a la cita por razones impostergables que se superpusieron a la fecha de la reunión. En todo caso estaré presente de corazón junto a Uds. que me hicieron pasar un año magnífico como becado en Rapid City, haciéndome sentir muy a gusto entre Uds, recordando que todos se esforzaban en tratar de entendi mi inglés que al comienzo era bastante básico (aun lo sigue siendo)

Un gran abrazo a todos y cad uno de Uds

alejandro amenabar
Sorry, I cannot attend...

I am sorry that I cannot attend our class of '68 reunion.  Two years ago, at age 5, our granddaughter, Livian McKenney, was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer.  She underwent surgery to remove her kidney followed by radiation and a year of chemotherapy - all at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.  She has been cancer free for two years. Her next follow up appointments are scheduled for the week of our reunion.  My wife, Barb, and I make ourselves available to take care of Livi's two younger sisters, ages 3 and 18 months, so her parents can attend her appointments with her.  Please pray that Livi will remain cancer free for the rest of her life. 

Steve McKenney
Flight on the 11th

Patricia Kilber, after 9/11 we noticed that people were avoiding that day. We decided to make it a day of celebration so we were married on 9/11/04

Alan Dubbelde
Looking forward to seeing all!

Got Me A Ticket For An Aeroplane !!!  The 68 theme is really neat and a big shout out to all of you that have made this possible.
Since 68 stands out, just have to add a rather serious tone.  My flight into Rapid City from Austin, Tx. is for Tuesday, September 11 (2018), American Airlines.  That sort of hit home, with my Brother in Rapid  who made the reservations and tried to make Wed reservation instead.  Couldn't make the connection in Dallas.  LOL.
Here's to the Class of '68 !!!  See ya soon !!  

Patricia Kilber

The "68" theme is that we didn't just graduate in 1968 and we are virtually all 68 years old but that the event is 68 hours of fun and re-connection with a total cost of $68. 

Paul Jensen
Can't wait!

Hello, Bought my airline ticket from Nice months ago!  Very much looking forward to being there and seeing many friends from my year in Rapid City.  It's been great already reconnecting online. Thank you to the organisers for your incredible work.  I'm still tall, hair is no longer jet black, but you'll recognise me by my English accent!!!

MJ Obrentz
Right on!

Mary has it right on!  Thanks Mary.  The work on this, especially by Mary Beth Howe Johnson is absolutly incredible and this is the best organized, best planned and best website anyone has ever devised.  So don't let us down and register and SHOW UP.... this is what it is all about!!!!!  

Paul Jensen
Thank you!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have dedicated so much of your time and energy to planning this reunion.  You have done an amazing and creative job!  Using "68" for payment and for ice cream flavor is so "cool!"  No other class will be able to compete with the way you have all set up this fabulous 50 year reunion!  Thank you again and again!

Mary Bowlby
A big Hello


I am planning to be there. Can't wait to see all of you. It's been great to reconnect with some of you already.  

Norri Ness
Please Register..

As site manager, I have decided to leave the first message. I have enjoyed this year long journey of creating our RCHS 1968 Website and reconnection with classmates as they sign in. I want to encourage all Classmates to get registered for the reunion as soon as you can, it will help in our planning! I am looking forward to our first night, THURSDAY Movie and a Pizza; that will bring back memories of date nights!  September is just around the corner and we have many exciting events and activities for you to choose from. 
PS: Pick your Event package NOW, you can add your activities later.

Mary Beth Howe
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