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The band with the cowboy hats is the Rapid City Ranger Band. It was a summer marching band sponsored by the city.
Ranger Band
Home Coming Parade
Senior prom... Sharyl Walla with Gene Hensley Sharyl’s mom made her prom dresses.
Junior prom... Sharyl Walla with Gene Hensley Sharyl’s mom made her prom dresses.
Junior Prom... Mary Bowlby with Al Murchison
Senior prom... Micheal Brady with Suzy Bober from the class of 69’
Senior prom... Judy Mickelson and Brian Yeoman at Prom
Junior prom... Mary Ann Blanchard (Goode) with Rod Wirshing we were double-dating with Lynne Olsson and Paul Georgas.
junior Prom... "Jade East" Gary Waklin & Mary Beth Howe
Junior prom... Barb Thornton (Houk) with Bill Stevens, 1967.
Senior prom... Barb Thornton (Houk) with Mike Durst, 1968.
Senior prom... Barb Thornton (Houk) with Mike Durst, toasting (grape juice) with Barb Acres & Jim Hollwagner
Senior prom... Marie-Josephe Forte & Scott Lynn
Junior prom... Bob Joynt & Diane Smith
Senior Prom 1968 - Lou Mitchell and Jan Campbell Steichen
Jan Glaze, 1967-1968 Homecoming Queen!
Joe Gibson running on the track...
Cobbler Marching Band...
Dakota Days...
Brian Yeoman... R Club Homecoming Float convertible by my mother Darline
Travel day Uniform for Brian Yeoman
Homecoming 1967 -submitted by Jan Campbell Steichen
Judy Mickelson... All signees! Grace's card, ain't math wonderful.
Judy Mickelson... Math teacher Grace Mickelson, class of '68 card by Chuck Tesar.
Jim Holwegner joins Sandra and Brian Yeoman for graduation cake.
Linda Moore with Gary Hamiliton
Barb Acres, Mike Hickey and Lynda Benson in the school auditorium.
Jim Monro and Marie Forte having fun!
Marie Forte, HI-Y Queen
Cobbler Capers 67'
MJ Obrentz… A group of very serious students who never had any fun (from damaged slide)
MJ Obrentz… Jan Campbell, Laurel Gundersen, Mary Hackett and Patty Davies. Cars were big and gas cost 35 cents .(from damaged slide)
MJ Obrentz… Cobblers Marching Band at Homecoming (from damaged slide)
MJ Obrentz… Homecoming (from damaged slide)
MJ Obrentz… Girls State (from damaged slide)
MJ Obrentz… Bill Stevens and Alex Amenabar (converted from damaged slide)
Some of our fellow Grads receiving Legion Awards....
At one of the 48 public talks Alec and I gave during our year as Foreign Exchange Students. Quite tough if you'd never done it before!
News, News, News
News, News, News
The Pine Needle Volume XLV, Thursday, March 21, 1968
Don't get caught in the hall without one of these yellow slips!
The Cavaliers... Price Shearn, Gary Larson, Bruce Hoon, Tom Collins, Jon Lund and Curt Langager
Homecoming... Mary Beth Johnson (Howe) & Gary Walklin
Kay McKnutt and Paul Jensen, Black Hills Methodist Church Camp, 1963
RCHS: How many times did we go in and out those doors? Price Shearn
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